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Baby and Mom Must Haves

I finally took the time to compile all of my favorite things in to one place.  Praising Jesus today for getting at least one thing done off of my to do list!  Everything I now know I either originally learned from one of my sweet mama friends and family members OR from learning what NOT to do/buy the hard way.  I am still learning all of this myself so please take my advice or leave it and I am (clearly) not an expert so make sure to always consult your pediatrician before making big parenting decisions. Let’s also remember that every single baby is different and opinionated in their own way so don’t come after me if your baby prefers shaken breast milk over stirred.  Enjoy mamas and mamas-to-be!  

P.S. If you want to watch me walk you through this on a live zoom event just connect with us and we will send you the recording.



Keekaroo Changing Pad

  • No matter what crazy bodily fluids come out of your baby you can just wipe them right off the surface of this changing pad.  You haven’t lived until you’ve been simultaneously thrown up and pooped on.
  • It’s slightly sloped in two directions so if you have a happy spitter like we do and your baby throws up on you constantly it will only pool around their head instead of down their entire back.  Same thing if your baby pees all over you. Only having to wash one half of your baby at 3 am makes all of the difference in the world. Trust us.
  • It’s super light so you can move it downstairs during the day so you’re not constantly going up and down to change diapers.  AND you can take it with you on road trips or to long family events when you really don’t want to be the one to ruin your aunt’s hand woven rug from Bali.  
  • Conclusion: A tad expensive but WORTH IT.  


  • Leea slept in this for the first few weeks inside our Bassinest.  (Yeah yeah yeah I know you’re technically not supposed to do that but I talked to enough Moms who swore by it and it worked for us so THERE.)
  • She basically out grew this in 2 weeks because let’s face it she has literal giants for parents and is 97th percentile for height.  But it still is super useful for a docking station to get her in and out of the bath as long as we keep the bottom part unlatched so she’s not too scrunched up.
  • We got the white cover because it’s actually easier to clean in our opinion and easier to see spit up spots that may be missed for a few days/weeks on a printed cover.
  • Conclusion:  Useful but could technically have done without it.  Get the larger size from the beginning if you’re planning on birthing a future olympic volleyball star like we did.


  • We had Leea sleep in this for another few weeks when we were about to lose our minds from sleep deprivation.  You’re also technically not supposed to do that (seeing a trend here? Lol) but when it was the only way to get more than two hours of sleep in a row so we caved.  I also talked to enough Moms who reassured me that I couldn’t spoil her this early and that we were changing her position enough during the day that she wasn’t going to get a flat head and have to wear one of those helmets.
  • Now that we’ve transitioned her back to the Bassinest (did that around 8 weeks) and then to the crib (around 12 weeks) we still use it for nap time and she definitely stays down for longer in it during the day then she would otherwise.
  • Conclusion:  Get it. And don’t feel guilty if you need to let your baby sleep in it for a few weeks so you don’t go completely crazy.


  • This is one of the most brilliant inventions in all the land. It goes on your baby’s foot like a sock and constantly monitors their heart rate and oxygen levels.  If anything goes below a safe level it will alert you from the base station AND your phones if you’ve downloaded the app.
  • If you’re paranoid new parents like Jake and I are, this will give you such peace of mind and make sure you are actually sleeping during the two hour intervals you get to sleep. I love the story behind it too and how it has saved so many babies lives already.
  • Conclusion: Ask for it as a gift since it is definitely on the pricey side.  If you simply can’t afford it, there are a number of non-profit organizations who raise money to donate Owlet socks to families in need.

Boppy Newborn Lounger

  • This is a must have because you won’t want to spend all of your time upstairs in the nursery nor will you want (or be able to) constantly hold your baby.  Think of it as their own personal baby couch that moves wherever you go.
  • Jake seems to think that Leea likes flying around in it like Jasmine on the magic carpet but I’ll let her take that up with him one day when she is older.
  • Now that Leea likes to sit up and have a ticket to the party, we just prop the boppy up on some pillows and it turns into a comfy little seat for her.  Double win!
  • Conclusion: You need it. No questions asked. Only downside is it’s a little tough to clean so if you don’t want to purchase the slipcover for it just throw a towel over it to protect the original fabric.

Ring Sling

  • We also love our Tula baby carrier (linked up below) but the ring sling is so easy to use and perfect for those sweet newborn snuggles.  If you youtube “How to use a ring sling for newborns” you will see how simple it is to get baby snug as a bug in there all by yourself.
  • There are beautiful fabrics and with baby wearing, the carrier is an extension of your outfit so my fashionista mamas will be happy to have some different options other than black or elephant print. ; )   
  • Conclusion: Must have especially if you have a stage 5 “Mommy clinger” like I do who wants NOTHING to do with being put down most of the time.

Milk Snob

  • One of my favorites!  I have the Milk Snob Luxe Cover in Flamingo and it makes me so happy every time I look at in on my stroller. I know it sounds silly but it’s true!  Just like when you buy a new candle from anthropologie and you just love looking at it all pretty on your mantle. (I hope I’m not alone here!) It’s made from a fabric that’s gorgeous (again lots of options here) and silky and oh so soft.  
  • I use mine for pretty much everything when we leave the house. It’s our carseat cover to keep out the sun, heat, cold, bugs and everything in between.  It’s my breastfeeding cover so I don’t accidently flash the world (as much lol). It’s her blanket on the go if it gets chilly and makes a nice floor mat if you need to put down baby for a second.  I could go on and on.
  • Conclusion:  I wouldn’t want to do without this but I do know there are cheaper versions that still get the job done.  They just might not be as pretty to look at.

Bouncy Ball

  • Yes I know it sounds weird but this has been a game changer.  All I did was dance around when I was pregnant with Leea and now all she wants to do is MOVE.
  • This majorly saves our backs and usually is the only way we can get her to calm down when she’s super fussy or gassy.
  • Conclusion.  MUST HAVE. Get the biggest one you can and make sure it has stabilizer sand in it so it’s safer for you and baby.

Healthy NEW Mom Must haves

 Juice Plus+ Fruit, Veggie, and Berry Blend

  • My family has consistently used these every day in our diet for 23 years and I truly believe it has always been the key in our very strong health foundation.  It’s just 30 different varieties of dehydrated fruits and veggies. I very VERY rarely even feel the slightest bit sick, I have a ridiculous amount of energy, and I know I’m giving my body the fuel it needs.  (Plus there’s actually Gold Standard research on this that show many other benefits if you have existing health concerns.)

Juice Plus+ Plant-based Omega Blend

  • This is solution to being a plant-based mama and not wanting to mess around with contaminated fish or fish oils. I have had shiny healthy, postpartum hair, no sigs of postpartum depression, and I know I am getting enough healthy omegas and DHA into my baby girl to help her and her brain grow big, strong, and smart.

JP+ Complete Superfood Shake Mix

  • My lifesaver.  My veggie crack. My healthy sweet tooth suppressant. My middle of the night, need to replenish this milking mamas nutrients, shake.  My middle of the day, I can’t cook anything right now with just one hand, snack. Need I say more? Plus it actually tastes amazing and it’s not just another “protein powder” (thank the good Lord). My family has also used this in our day to day routine for 23 years.

Earth Mama Nipple Butter

  • Just trust me on this one.  You need it and your nipples will thank you.

Lavender Body Wash

  • The most amazing smell in the world.  I actually can’t wait to go shower right now just thinking about it. (Thank you to my sweet friend Kristy for turning me on to it!)

Tucks Witch Hazel Pads

  • I used these relentlessly inside of my padded underwear during those “oh so joyful” postpartum recovery days.  Go ahead and invest in a lot of them.

Disposable Breast Pads

  • I tried to go green and use the washable breast pads but I would unfortunately just soak right through them and embarrass myself.  These are my fave because they have little stickies on the back so you can still use them in looser fitting shirts. (Nooo one wants to wear tight tank tops all day when you don’t remotely recognize the shape of your stomach any more)

Women’s Padded Underwear

  • Again, a great investment.  The giant pads at the hospital are a cruel joke.  These are much more comfy and absorbent.

Soft/Comfy Bras and Undies

  • Make sure you have some of these because you really won’t have any interest in putting anything on your body that’s not insanely comfy.  When in doubt? Just plan on walking around your house topless and if anyone chooses to show up unannounced that’s their problem not yours.

Mom Wins

Two way sleeper gowns with snaps

  • Jake, in his sleep deprived state, has full out drop kicked sleeper gowns across the nursery if they don’t have easy to use snaps. Don’t spend your money on clothes that are cute but not comfy.  You will only want soft, easy to put on clothes. Trust me no matter how much money or love went into an outfit, if it’s not easy to put on the baby… it’s not going on. (Well more than once at least and then you swear on your life you’ll never ever attempt the impossible again.

Baby Bling Bows

  • THE. BEST. BOWS. And the only ones that don’t make a line on their head. There are so many but these are the two that Leea wears the most.  

Disney’s Mr. Ray Play Mat

  • Only the cutest play mat in all the land… You will want to spend just as much time under here enjoying the musical light show and practically the only thing it doesn’t do for your baby is produce breastmilk.

Diapers with a wetness indicator

  • The line will turn from yellow to blue when there has been some action that needs attending to.  Brilliant!
  • You will do at least two loads of laundry a day so go ahead and buy stock in Jessica Alba’s Honest Brand (Honest Laundry Detergent  and Honest Dryer Cloths) because her baby line of laundry essentials will save your life. Her stain remover is the only thing we’ve found that truly gets out those spit up stains!

Other baby items we love and use every day!

See our nursery tour post for our nursery faves.

Also if you don’t have an Amazon Prime account I highly recommend getting one or having someone gift it to you as part of your registry!  Free two day shipping is all the rage these days (if you haven’t heard) and most of these baby favorites below are available on the site aka they require ZERO effort from you to show up right on your doorstep.  It’s not even a Mom Win it’s like a Mom Ten Time Olympic Gold Medal Victory.

CAR SEAT – Uppa Baby Mesa Car Seat

  • So easy to pop in and out of the car.

STROLLER – Uppa Baby Vista Stroller and Bassinet

  • Perfect for walking a newborn around the block.

STROLLER ORGANIZER – UPPAbaby Carry-All Parent Organizer

  • You need this so you don’t break your back trying to reach down constantly to get your stuff.


  • Helpful for summer babies and this one clips on great.

JOGGING STROLLER – Bob Revolution Pro Stroller

  • The best of the best.  This was the top recommendation from many mama friends I consulted with.

BASSINET – Bassinest

  • Very sturdy and love the swivel function so you can easily get out of bed as you’re recovering postpartum.

BABY SEAT – Bumbo Seat

  • Love having her sit in this on our kitchen island so we can interact with her while we cook or eat!

BOTTLES – Como Tomo

  • The only bottles that this breastfeeding obsessed baby would even consider sucking on.

DRYING RACK – Boon Lawn Drying Rack

  • So cute that I don’t mind having it out on my counter all the time.

BABY DISH SOAP – Honest Company

  • Again… love Jessica Alba’s ability to dance AND safely clean your house.

BATHTUB – Boon Soak

  • Fits great in our “non farmhouse sink” (Sorry Joanna Gaines) and it has a great drain that makes cleaning it easy peasy.

BATH CADDY – Ubbi diaper caddy

  • We actually use this as her bathtime caddy since we end up bathing her downstairs.


  • The prettiest colors, soothing sounds, and you can control it from an app on your phone.

BABY MONITOR – Project Nursery

  • So high tech it’s actually a bit ridiculous.  But Jake loves this thing and will probably continue to use it well beyond our baby years.


  • She loves this now that she likes to face out and Jake feels like a cool dad carrying her in this because it is definitely more manly looking than my pink ring sling.

NURSING PILLOW – My Brest Friend

  • My friend Hope gifted me this and it was a game changer when I was learning how to nurse. Thanks sweet Hopie!


  • The prettiest one out there in my opinion for the best price!

DIAPER BAG – Happ Brand

  • I’m obsessed with my diaper bag.  It know it’s super feminine and girly but I’m a girl mom and I’m allowed to wear an obnoxious amount of pink.

WIPES CASE – Skip Hop Snug and Seal

  • So much better than carrying around what feels like a ten pound jumbo pack of wipes when you have to open a new one.

BIBS – Aden + Anais

  • I loveeee this brand and their fabrics.  Plus these side snapping bibs will make putting a sleepy baby down way easier since you are less likely to wake them up trying to unsnap a bib from behind their head. (We have definitely learned this the hard way many times)

BURP CLOTHS – Cloth Diapers

  • So absorbent and so much wider than regular burp cloths. If you have a happy spitter like us then these are a must!  Sidenote: You need 5,000 more bibs and burp cloths than you think.

TEETHER TOY – Sofie the Giraffe

  • She gnaws on this thing all day and especially loves chewing on Sofie’s butt right now for some reason. lol

PACI – Wubba Nub

  • The only one she would take at first and the little animals are adorable.

Baby Banz Hearing Protection Headphones

  • Essential gear for the littlest dance assistant in all the land!

We hope this has been helpful for all of you!  We’d love to hear about what baby and mama gear you love in the comments below! 

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